Ripped from the Crypt

by Locus Mortis

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released April 18, 2016




Locus Mortis New York

Since our inception, Locus Mortis has dedicated itself to bringing you the most punishing, dread-filled music in metal today. We strive to bring you back the feelings that extreme metal once and still sometimes offers, combined with our own individual artistic touches. Each member offers something different to contribute to this group, making Locus Mortis what it is. ... more


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Track Name: Carried Into Oblivion
Extinguish, the light source
Igniting, black spells
Dark matter
Twisted form
Obscurity, lurks close

Ancient ones have seen
Fulfill the prophecy
Written on, temple walls
In lost text we cannot read

Aztec etchings state
From hieroglyphic facts
Cosmic retribution
"On this day, the sky turns black"

Long tormenting
Darkness waiting
Track Name: The Foreboding Frost
Frozen entity
Dying shamefully
Blood flow starts to slow
Deny remedies
Ruins of a man
Linger by the threads
Nothing left to save
This cavern is my grave

Consume, despair from your own spiral downfall
Nothing to live for now
Rejecting society, a misanthropic being
Embrace, a sub-zero doom

Frigged, to the touch
Euthermia, cold blooded fuck
Skeleton, turned to dust
Can't escape, Zephyrus's grip
Impulse, start to twitch
Deny, the will to live

Looking to the sky
Muscles petrified
Lifeless glassy eyes
No regrets to die

Trapped by snow, frost and winter
Grant me the rites of death
Frozen in life lasting limbo
I feel eternal misery

Crippled by frost
Shallow, my breath
Concealed and condemned
By permafrost

The numbing sense that brings me peace
Diving ice enlightens me
Track Name: Fear
Imprisoned from below
The walls are closing in
Crawling up my legs
Venomous arachnids pierce my skin
Infecting my blood stream
(Can't) Hear the deafening screams
Tearing at the ceiling
Bloody numbs, skin peeling
Track Name: Hydroasphyxiation
Falling, from the thresholds
Of life

Taken from the shore
Claiming, forsaking
Treading water more
Gasping, exhausting

Floating up to, the surface
Pale and blue, lifeless too
C.P.R trying to revive him
It's too late, Asphyxiate
Force fed, gallons of salt water
He's now dead
Lesions spread
Thrashed around, like a rag doll
Cannot breath, cannot see

Ocean waters far too deep
Seas of wrath, my body to keep
Track Name: The Overlook
Ripped from his shell
Sealed in by snow
Blood fills the room
An ax to the chest

Insanity blooms as the horrors arise
The Gold Room deceives, now see Jack's demise
Hallucinate death, they're shining as one
Becoming obsessed with killing your son
Seduced by a witch and fell to his feat
Reduced to a pile of festering meat
Twins in the hall, they tell you come near
They say you must run, escape now in fear

The damnation
Retreat to the maze
The innocent
To be
On the walls of The Overlook
The frozen knife
It rapes your skin